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Sing In Tune With The "PT Pitching System". It's Surprisingly Easy And Super Effective. And A Quick Way To Level Up Your Singing!

A simple, fast and effective system you can use to fix pitchy singing no matter whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced singer.

Worry less about singing out of tune...

and enjoy your singing more.

For just $37, I’m confident I can reduce the pitchy singing you do while also improving your ease of singing, making you sound more professional in the process.

And I'm confident that you will notice these improvements in less than 1 hour of using my "PT Pitching System" that you'll learn on this "Sing in Tune" course.

How cool is that?

You'll be singing with better pitch accuracy in less than 1 hour from now.

And have a tool (.mp3 downloads of the PT sound at different pitches so they fit your voice perfectly) that you can use any time you start to go out of tune.

It's like having tuning pegs for your voice. Just like a guitarist tunes up his guitar every time they play, you can tune up your voice!

Get the course right now and start benefiting instantly.

Oh, and here is the thing…

If I can’t deliver on this promise…

I want you to ask for your money back and I will do so straight away...it's the law!

I use this law all the time!

In the UK if you buy clothes online you get a 14 day cool off period so you can try the clothes and if you don't like them for any reason you can send them back and get a full refund.

Well it's the same with my online courses (Sing in Tune Course). I am based in the UK so I am governed by this rule too.

How cool is that?

I know you can trust me but now you don't even have to worry about that as by law I have to give you your money back so you really can try this course and if you don't like it email me here: dyl@vocalcoachdylan.com and I will give you your money back without any questions. :)

That's why I like to think of it as you're trying the course not buying the course as there is no risk to you at all!

Here's what you get when you try today...

  • The complete "PT Pitching System". This is my Sing In Tune online course that you get instant access to the second you buy.
  • The slide and hold method for tuning up your voice, just the same way that guitarists have to tune up their guitars. You will do the same with your voice and it only takes a couple of minutes every day to keep that pesky pitching at bay! Lol
  • How to sound more professional in your singing as an extra cool side effect of using the “PT Pitching System”.
  • You'll learn what really matters when it comes to improving your pitch and it isn't complicated...it's fun and easy!
  • A go-to "PT Pitching System” that will not only get your voice in tune, it will help you keep it there forever - as long as you keep using the system, that is!
  • Singing consonants and vowels incorrectly is a big reason for pitchy singing. Learn to fix that once and for all!

All of this is delivered in an efficient, direct, clear online course that will have you singing with less pitchiness in minutes and help to build your confidence.

The whole course will take about 30 minutes to do and then you'll have learnt a system that you can use for the rest of your life!

The course also comes with downloadable .mp3s of the special sound you will be using. And they are at loads of different pitches, so you can rest assured there is one for your voice type!

You can do this course on anything that has an internet connection, speakers and a screen! So computers, tablets and phones!

Is This Course For You?

The technique is so easy that it works on any level of singer.

In fact, even if you've never had a singing lesson before in your life, this course will help you sing in tune.

If you're an advanced singer that just wants to fine tune a song then the PT Pitching System will work for you too.

What Style Of Music Does The "PT Pitching System" Work On?

Any style of singing can benefit from the PT Pitching System that you learn on this Sing In Tune Course.

What's The Catch?

Why such a bargain?

There's always a catch.

Well you're right, there is a catch.

If you’re like me then you find it hard to trust new people online, especially if you’ve only just met them, so I wanted to give you a low commitment price and a great deal so you take the course and get real vocal transformation that you can hear and feel in your voice.

You will then trust me and realise that I can help you and you’ll want to work with me more.

So, that's the catch. I want to help you so much with your singing on this course (and over deliver) that you want to work with me more!

What a meany! LOL

What You Need To Do Now...

To get the Sing In Tune course right now,

Click the big orange button below

Then fill in your bank details on the quick and easy form and you will be instantly sent your login details for the course.

Imagine less pitchy singing in less than 1 hour from now...

and the confidence that would bring to your singing?

And the more professional you would sound.

How cool is that?

Click that big orange button right now and I'll see you on the course!

Please note:

This is a special price as I want to start our relationship the right way.

I know I can help you with your singing but if you don't try my course you will never know, so on this page I'm giving you a special one-off price of $37 not the usual $67. This offer is only on this page. So please take advantage of it as the next time you see this course it will be more expensive.

$37 $67

30 day money back guarantee. If you don't notice an improvement after using the system for 10 minutes, I will quickly and quietly give you your money back. I only want happy customers. Remember you get a 14 day cool off by law too!

Thank you for the PT pitching system - it's totally unique and way more helpful than any other resource I've seen for fixing pitchiness! I like how methodical and practical it is; there's a clear sense of process and progress. The majority of content I see for helping to fix pitchiness tends to be quite broad and aimed at singers who are hitting notes out of key, but the PT pitching system also helps singers like me who are pitchy within a quarter tone of the intended note. Thanks Dyl - I'll be using this for a long time :)

Jenny Laahs

Singer & multi-instrumentalist

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