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If you don't notice an improvement after using the system for 10 minutes, I will quickly and quietly give you your money back.

Remember you get a 14 day cool off by law so there really is no risk!


All orders go through a secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy.



☞ The "PT Pitching System" that you will find no where else.

All the Pure Tones you'll ever need regardless of voice type in the form of .mp3 downloads.

The complete "Sing in Tune" course where I breakdown every step in detail so you know exactly what you are doing.

☞ You get this system for less then the price of one singing lesson with me and this content would normally take you at least 4 weeks to learn!

All for a special one-off price of just $37. This is the only place you will get this course at this price so get it now.

Izzy - Singer-Songwriter

I took the course to help with pitching at the beginning of a phrase and the end, as that is where I can go most off track.

Through doing this course, I noticed an immediate improvement - even on the first round of these exercises.

My precision on pitch using the pure tone as a guide was much better and my singing was less clunky.

The tension in my articulation freed up massively after doing step 2 followed by step 3. Going from those steps built an awareness of where exactly I was going off pitch and how to make those adjustments without getting in my own way or overthinking.

Listening back to the recording of your voice at the start and then the end really demonstrates how powerful this course truly is.

An absolute MUST for any singer.

Packed with quality, engaging explanation and broken down into easy-to-follow steps.

And most of all, you will hear and feel the improvement in your voice!

Take this course it's great!

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